Costs of Augmented Psychotherapy


Augmented Psychotherapy & Integration Therapy

At the beginning of treatment, an individual treatment plan will be created based on our intensive outpatient therapy concept with repeated ketamine administration and integration psychotherapy. Because we create individual treatment plans, prices are listed per session. The prices are determined by the official scale of fees for doctors (Gebührenordnung für Ärzte, GOÄ).

Costs of Augmented Psychotherapy and ketamine therapy

Please note that the costs and times are approximate. There may be travel and accommodation costs if you are not from Berlin or the surrounding area. You can find more information about this in our FAQs.


(Partial) reimbursement by the health insurance should always be pursued

For people with private insurance, reimbursement is often possible. This also depends on your insurance policy and treatment indication, e.g. treatment-resistant depression. For people with public health insurance, the insurance usually decides on the basis of treatment indication, your individual course of disease, previous treatments, and the severity of your illness. When various attempts at therapy have already failed to sufficiently improve your illness, reimbursement is possible under certain circumstances. We will gladly support you in pursuing reimbursement through insurance. However, this requires an initial consultation beforehand.

Treatment costs can also be claimed as tax exempt if they constitute extraordinary strain (“außergewöhnliche Belastung“). This way, depending on income, the treatment costs can be fully or partially deducted. For integration psychotherapy, filing a cost reimbursement proceeding (“Kostenerstattungsverfahren”) is available upon request.