Yes, Augmented Psychotherapy is also possible if you are not from Berlin or the surrounding area. However, on the days on which you receive ketamine, you will need to take an overnight stay into account. In the immediate area of our practice there are several options for overnight accommodations in hotels. If you travel alone, it is possible for a therapist to accompany you to a hotel which is closeby (after ketamine sessions). If you choose accommodation which is further away, you will have to make sure that someone can pick you up in our clinic to accompany you to your accomodation. The psychotherapy session for integration (after each ketamine session) and the aftercare following the intensive treatment weeks with ketamine can also be done online, if necessary.

We have negotiated special terms with the following hotels. We are happy to assist you in arranging your stay. If you require our assistance, please let us know:

Other hotels nearby: