Integration focussed psychotherapy for processing intense altered states of consciousness

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Integration-Psychotherapy in Germany: Integration of psychedelic experiences

Psychotherapy for the integration of psychedelic experiences

What is integration therapy?

Intense emotional and existential experiences hold great potential for personal change. For many people, psychedelic experiences, for example under substances such as LSD, MDMA or psilocybin, are special, intense moments that allow deep insights and changes in the psychological state of being.

These experiences can lead to positive changes, but sometimes they can also be challenging and difficult to process. Occasionally, experiences can also be so impactful that they put a strain on everyday life. It is important to integrate these psychedelic experiences appropriately in order to realize their full potential for personal growth.

Our therapy approach supports you in integrating psychedelic experiences into your life in a sustainable way to enable growth and open up new perspectives. We understand that such experiences are unique and require individualized approaches to facilitate the best possible integration of psychedelic experiences.

Who can benefit from the integration of psychedelic experiences?

You are welcome to contact us if you have had an intense experience in altered states of consciousness, for example under psychedelic substances, and would like to better integrate this experience into your life. Our integration therapy is based on a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience from various psychotherapeutic approaches, including behavioral therapy, depth psychology-based psychotherapy and humanistic methods. Our empathetic team of therapists will professionally guide you on your path to integrating these intense states of consciousness. We understand that such experiences are unique and individual. Our goal is to help you make sense of these experiences and gain new perspectives. If you are seeking personal growth and development, you can benefit from our specialized psychotherapy to integrate psychedelic experiences.

As a private clinic, we offer you the possibility of psychotherapy without an application procedure and waiting period, as you can start treatment directly as a self-payer. Unfortunately, this also means that the costs are usually not covered by health insurance. You should discuss this with your health insurance company in advance. Together with you, we design an individual therapy plan that addresses your needs and takes into account the duration of treatment.

In addition, we will assist you in deciding whether longer outpatient psychotherapy might be appropriate, beyond the scope of just integrative psychotherapy. If you wish, you can do this therapy with us, or we will be happy to refer you to experienced outpatient psychotherapists.

You can also contact us if you have experienced severe or persistent mental health problems such as anxiety, “flashbacks,” depressive symptoms, or symptoms of altered perception with, for example, derealization, feelings of persecution, or hallucinations after using psychedelic substances. Often, psychotherapeutic integration of the experiences in the altered state of consciousness can also lead to an improvement of the symptoms. In some cases, additional psychiatric medication may also be helpful. We will work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan consisting of integrative psychotherapy and supportive medication, if needed. Furthermore, we can help you find further or even inpatient treatment if you should need it.

Psychotherapy for the integration of psychedelic experiences can help with…

Information about Integration-Psychotherapy

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In our 60-minute group information session, a doctor or therapist from our team will introduce you to our treatment. You will gain insights into our clinic and our treatment concept. We will be happy to answer your individual questions. Events are currently held digitally via (video) call.

You have had a psychedelic experience and would like to integrate it into your life and make it useful in everyday life? We are here for you!