Psychedelic integration therapy


Integration of psychedelic experiences

What is integration therapy?

Intense emotional and existential experiences hold great potential for personal change. Often, however, changes in our lives do not occur slowly, but in spurts or leaps. Sometimes they are connected with crises. Experiencing altered states of consciousness is one such special, intense experience for many people. Scientific studies have shown that existential experiences during altered states of consciousness, in particular (including, but not limited to an experience with psychedelic substances) can lead to positive change in one’s psychological state.

However, it is not uncommon for very challenging experiences (and occasionally “bad trips”) to occur, which can be stressful and are difficult to reconcile with everyday life. In some cases, new psychological problems even arise from experiences that have not been processed. You don’t have to leave the positive development from such an experience up to chance. Psychotherapy has a wealth of experience in dealing with intensive psychological processes. Even – and especially – the challenging experiences which are difficult for individuals to understand and integrate into their lives hold the potential for positive changes when accompanied by psychotherapeutic support.


Who can benefit from integration therapy?

You can turn to us if you have had an intensive experience with an altered state of consciousness (for example, an experience with psychedelic drugs) and would like to integrate it better into your life. For integration therapy, we draw on knowledge and experience from behavioral therapy, depth psychotherapy, and humanistic methods.

As a private clinic, there is no application process or waiting time necessary for those paying directly. Psychotherapy can begin immediately, and we will draft an individual therapy plan with flexible treatment duration together with you. Compensation through public or private health insurance is assessed (via “Kassenersatzverfahren”) if necessary.

Together we will also work out whether a longer outpatient psychotherapy could be helpful which goes beyond the scope of pure integration psychotherapy. You can either do this with us or we will help you with referral to experienced outpatient psychotherapists.

You can also turn to us if consuming psychedelic substances has led to severe or prolonged psychological problems, such as anxiety, “flashbacks”, depressive symptoms, or altered perceptual symptoms, e.g. derealization, delusions of persecution, or hallucinations. In these cases, too, psychotherapeutic integration of the altered states experience can often improve symptoms. We will develop an individual therapy plan with you, incorporating both integration psychotherapy and supporting medication, should this be necessary. Furthermore, we can help you to find continuing or also inpatient treatment, should you need it.


Integration therapy can help with…


Want to get to know us?

During our 60-minute group info event, a doctor or therapist from our team will introduce you to our treatment. You will gain insights into our practice and our treatment concept. We are happy to answer your individual questions. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, info events currently take place via digital (video) call.