Psychotherapy + ketamine therapy


Ketamine therapy with altered states of consciousness

Ketamine therapy + psychotherapy

In Augmented Psychotherapy, the effectiveness of psychotherapy is enhanced with altered states of consciousness. These are evoked with ketamine or with non-pharmacological methods, such as breathwork or stroboscopic lights. In this treatment concept psychotherapy and medications are not separate from each other, but combine to reach a greater effectiveness than either could alone. Unlike in classic drug therapy for psychological disorders, Augmented Psychotherapy does not involve chronic drug administration. Instead, it specifically incorporates ketamine administration and the use of non-pharmacological methods for inducing altered states of consciousness into therapy. Ketamine is an established medication for the treatment of depression and can already show rapid antidepressant effects the day after administration.

Our therapy

We offer you an intensive outpatient treatment with Augmented Psychotherapy over the course of several weeks in Berlin Friedrichshain. Ketamine infusions are conducted and supervised by medical doctors specializing in anesthesiology, and psychotherapy is conducted by therapists licensed in depth psychotherapy and behavioral therapy.

There is increasing scientific evidence for the effectiveness of altered states of consciousness in treating psychological disorders. During these states of consciousness there are temporary, distinct changes in perceptions, feelings, and thoughts. In Augmented Psychotherapy, these changes are specifically coordinated with a psychotherapeutic intervention. Patients are individually prepared for these states in therapy, which are then evoked with ketamine or other methods alongside therapeutic care. In the subsequent integration phase, we help you to understand and process the experience. Likewise, the rapid antidepressant effect of ketamine makes it easier for you to implement positive changes and thus make the most of psychotherapy. This makes the healing potential of the experience available to you in the best possible way.

Altered states of consciousness differ substantially from our usual state of awareness. They comprise intensive changes in perception, feelings, and thoughts for a certain amount of time. In psychological disorders, recurring patterns of thought often appear and some emotions or memories are difficult to access. In altered states of consciousness, these patterns of thought can be broken and a new perspective can be experienced. Likewise, people often experience a full spectrum of emotions and have better access to important memories. At our clinic, this special experience in an altered state is conducted in a safe, pleasant environment alongside therapeutic care.

Special experiences often need to be intensively discussed so that the resulting insights and knowledge can really have a lasting, positive effect on one’s life. This post-processing is called integration. The goal of the integration process is to positively influence your perceptions, your behavior, or your general attitude based on the experiences you have had. Mindfulness exercises learned at the beginning of therapy, as well as the development of possible intentions and goals, contribute to this as well. Our therapists support you in these processes with their great deal of understanding and experience. Especially when intensive or challenging processes of consciousness arise during the ketamine sessions, it is important to apprehend them therapeutically and integrate them well. We are here to support you in this process.


Integrating ketamine therapy into a whole psychotherapeutic concept


Integrating ketamine therapy into a whole psychotherapeutic concept


Ketamine-augmented psychotherapy

We have created a brochure about Augmented Psychotherapy in our clinic. It is specifically designed for interested patients. You find information about Augmented Psychotherapy in general, therapy steps in our clinic, cost and our team.


Ketamine therapy for the treatment of psychiatric diseases

Ketamine therapy / ketamine-augmented psychotherapy is based on the anesthetic “ketamine”. Even though ketamine has existed as a medication for a long time, ketamine therapy is a relatively new treatment option in psychiatry. We have compiled relevant information about the mode of action of ketamine and highlight some important studies.


Unique treatment in Germany

The medical portal ESANUM visited our clinic and talked to our team. Get to know our treatment with ketamine / ketamine therapy, our team and our clinic in Berlin in this video.


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Want to get to know us?

During our 60-minute group info event, a doctor or therapist from our team will introduce you to our treatment. You will gain insights into our practice and our treatment concept. We are happy to answer your individual questions. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, info events currently take place via digital (video) call.