Our partners

Medical United Xperts (MUX)

MUX (Medical United Xperts) is a strategic medical consulting firm ( that draws on a global network of exceptional experts to solve your unique health concerns. They bring fundamentally different perspectives, in-depth knowledge and second opinions from diverse fields of healthcare within and outside of mainstream medicine to problem solving.

A diverse MUX team of consultants, coaches and physicians systematically connects you and your individual questions with  the worldwide MUX network of experts in the form of a video conference and accompanies you and / or your relatives in this very personal. MUX relies on a strategic approach paired with medical expertise, analytical coaching and the application of digital technologies.

MUX is an exclusive, innovative health center. Contact MUX by phone at +49 (0) 8151 5564858 or by email at

Divergence Neuro

Divergence has developed a mental health technology platform (cell phone application) for OVID that improves communication between our patients and therapists. The goal of this platform is to support medical-psychological care after therapy ends and to promote patient autonomy (

Divergence is focused on developing mobile platforms for mental health care service providers for people affected by addiction, depression, PTSD, anxiety disorders and autism spectrum disorders. Solutions from Divergence provide a user-friendly service that allows practices, clinics or hospitals to manage and measure mental health care outcomes using EEG analytics. Divergence’s solutions are designed to improve communication between patients and therapists and promote patient recovery.