Patients sharing their experiences


Experiences with Augmented Psychotherapy

We understand how valuable it is to read other patient’s experiences with Ketamine-Augmented Psychotherapy. We want to provide a resource which can provide some insight. Some of our patients share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences with us to share with others. The patient’s statement is never edited but we do hide their names for patient privacy purposes.

“The OVID Clinic sets the gold-standard for ketamine augmented psychotherapy. How your healthcare professional treats you as a person is important, and this is what sets OVID apart. I believe that the therapeutic impact was enhanced with a close alliance between myself, as patient, and the therapy team. Dr Gaus and Dr Rosal delivered a truly patient-centric care journey from the moment I made the first enquiry. Clear information about treatment options, prognosis, potential side effects and costs were provided for me to make informed decisions. Within the framework of a personalised treatment plan, they continuously demonstrated their care and commitment to my healing journey by adapting the treatment to suit my needs and what I wanted to achieve. Straight after the first ketamine infusion and integration therapy session, I experienced a paradigm shift. I felt a transformative awakening of feelings, realignment of purpose and restoration of hope which progressively amplified over the five weeks. To anyone who needs help to transform their mental status from ill health to wellbeing, I highly recommend the OVID Clinic.”

Patient, 50-60 years old (April 23, 2021)

Images: (Mudassir Ali)